Xerox Exotique #050: BLYPKEN – Jonah Segers – 17.07.2019

BLYPKEN is an avant-electronica project started in 2017 by Romanian composer and producer George D. Stanciulescu.. BLYPKEN describes his music as “neurowave”. It is focused on the more futuristic dimensions of the arthouse dance sound, revealing a deconstructed blend of noisy techno, post-industrial, ambient and a wide array of experimental electronic dimensions with an atmospheric edge. The first work, “The Fetishamanic Maze”, was debuted as an audiovisual performance in May 2017, at Live Performers Meeting at RADION Amsterdam. The debut release “0102: Transcend/Transfigure” was launched by Swedish label The Sublunar Society in September 2017, followed by “Hylemorph”, a 16 minutes long opus issued in April 2018 by US label #Feelings. He performed so far various live shows in Netherlands, UK, Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Poland, Estonia, Switzerland and Spain.

Live alterations of Jonah Segers’ #first#vinyl#record “Amber” performed in living rooms or small venues. Jonah will take you on a journey through his routines of experimenting with different recording techniques and sound design. Each set tells it’s own story, capturing the realness of daily life sounds which Jonah processes in a world of high contrast and tension.

17.07.2019, doors open at 20:00, starts at 20:30
Admission 7 Euros
INM – Institut für Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Entrance is on the right side of the building, then go all the way to the top.