Xerox Exotique #006: Slow Slow Loris – 26.01.2017

Slow Slow Loris use voice and electronics to search for the intersections where melody meets noise, emotional meets avant-garde, feminine meets industrial, non-rhythm meets accuracy, and raw meets craft. As well as playing several shows in the Berlin underground scene, they toured the US east cost and west coast, 12 countries in Europe, and most recently, Russia. After their debut album, From Monster till Mourning (on Staaltape), they look forward to releasing their second album, Of Heroes in Helium.

The first five visitors will receive a free Gruenrekorder CD!

26.01.2017, doors open at 20:00, starts at 20:30
Admission 5€
INM – Institut für Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main


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