Xerox Exotique #065: Fatigue Suspecte – Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – 14.06.2022

Fatigue Suspecte is a duo from Brest, France, who takes inspiration from Breton free party culture, horror & B movies, folkloric and erotic iconography to create a narration using hardcore techno, noise music and foggy ambient sounds. The band released digital EPs, tapes and compilation appearances and they played dates such as Festival Visions 999 or Bunker Brestois among others.

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (Rennes, F) exists in various incarnations since at least 1980. Has produced performances, exhibitions, concerts and given conferences in Europe, New York (Kitchen), Montreal (Goethe Inst.), Sao Paulo (Technology and Humanities,Symposium), Centre Pompidou, Russia and Ukraine (some 10 years ago) and released a plethora of audio releases on international labels such as Cassetten Combinat, Graf Haufen Tapes, Discos Esplendor Geometrico, S.F.C.R., Flenix, Vinyl-On-Demand, AufAbwegen, Pan, Monochrome Vision, Waystyx, Phage, Reduktive Musiken and more recently on Ferns Recordings, Emerge, Pentiments and any time soon a collaboration with Roel Meelkop on Flag Day Recordings.
Collaborative projects included MSBR, Mnortham, Frans de Waard, Ios Smolders, Artificial Memory Trace, Thomasius, Ralf Wehowsky, The New Blockaders, Johannes Bergmark, TBC, Anla Curtis, The Oval Language, Tibetan Red to name just a few.
DSM works strictly mechanical, electrical and analogue. No digital strings attached.

Corona: Wir werden die Lage rechtzeitig prüfen und dann entscheiden, welche Regelungen für die Veranstaltung gelten. Bitte nochmal checken, bevor Ihr uns besucht – danke!

14.06.2022, Einlass ab 20:00, beginnt ca. 20:30
Eintritt 8 Euro
INM – Institut für Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Der Eingang ist auf der rechten Seite des Gebäudes, dann die Treppen bis zum obersten Stock laufen.


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