Xerox Exotique #050: BLYPKEN – Diego Noguera – 17.07.2019

BLYPKEN is an avant-electronica project started in 2017 by Romanian composer and producer George D. Stanciulescu.. BLYPKEN describes his music as “neurowave”. It is focused on the more futuristic dimensions of the arthouse dance sound, revealing a deconstructed blend of noisy techno, post-industrial, ambient and a wide array of experimental electronic dimensions with an atmospheric edge. The first work, “The Fetishamanic Maze”, was debuted as an audiovisual performance in May 2017, at Live Performers Meeting at RADION Amsterdam. The debut release “0102: Transcend/Transfigure” was launched by Swedish label The Sublunar Society in September 2017, followed by “Hylemorph”, a 16 minutes long opus issued in April 2018 by US label #Feelings. He performed so far various live shows in Netherlands, UK, Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Poland, Estonia, Switzerland and Spain.

Diego Noguera is a Berlin based composer, music producer, actor and theatre director, born in Santiago, Chile (1982). He studied musical composition and esthetics at Universidad CatĂłlica de Chile and theatre at the Fernando GonzĂĄlez theatre club. He has composed for over 40 pieces in theatre, film and dance, working alongside directors like Marcelo Alonso, CristiĂĄn Plana, Manuela Infante, Hector Noguera, JosĂ© Vidal, Vicente Ruiz, Alejandro Moreno and Elizabeth RodrĂ­guez, amongst others. In August 2015 he premieres his first piece for electronic and orchestra in the Teatro Municipal de Santiago. This work was written for a JosĂ© Vidal choreography, with whom starts a collaboration that remains until today. In this same year starts “PaĂ­s Violento” an electronic music project with his brother DamiĂĄn. In 2018 he premieres “IdomenĂ©o”, a theatre/dance play, directed by Manuela Infante. He recently premiered “Emergnece” with JosĂ© Vidal in Kampnagel, Hamburg. In 2019 he signs with Pirotecnia records for his first solo EP “Soñe que iba a dormer bien” (“I dreamt I was going to sleep well”).

17.07.2019, doors open at 20:00, starts at 20:30
Admission 7 Euros
INM – Institut fĂŒr Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Entrance is on the right side of the building, then go all the way to the top.


Lineup Change for XE#039

Henning Pertiet unfortunately has to cancel his apperance at Xerox Exotique #039 for personal reasons 🙁 Kai Niggemann will play a solo set, and Siegfried KĂ€rcher will fill the second slot for the night.

Xerox Collabique #009: SAWADA/szmt ft. Jacques’ – 18.06.2019

SAWADA is playing just one snare drum. But he adopted Japanese feeling, African rhythm, and sense of minimal techno for it. He can offer joy of colorful drum sounds from just one snare drum.
szmt is playing electronics with the occasional microphoned object to create complex layers of sounds.
Together they create electro-acoustic live compositions blending the different approaches to a culture bridging experience.

Das Konzert wird in eine Weinprobe bei Jacques’ in Sulzbach (Taunus) eingebettet, bei der schmackhafter Rebensaft verkostet werden.

18.06.2019, 19:30
Eintritt frei, es wird um eine Spende von 5 Euro – oder mehr 😉 – fĂŒr die KĂŒnstler gebeten
Jacques’ Wein-Depot, Platz an der Linde 2, 65843 Sulzbach-Zentrum


Xerox Exotique #048: Indiscreet Jewels – Acrylwaffen – 29.04.2019

Indiscreet Jewels is an experimental electronic trio based in Berlin. The band defines their style as post-aleatoric psycho pagan wave. The dense intricacy of electronic improvisations transforms into twinkling fluctuations of hypnotic grooves. Psychedelic soundscapes of repetitive phrases disappears in erratic instants of sonic splashes and scattered overtones. Mysterious synths and uncanny voices are revealing implicit acoustic milieu of otherworldly boudoirs and celestial sanctuaries.

Acrylwaffen are Waffensupermarkt aka Chainblocker and Suspicion Breeds Confidence aka SZMT.

29.04.2019, doors open at 20:00, starts at 20:30
Admission 7 Euros
INM – Institut fĂŒr Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Entrance is on the right side of the building, then go all the way to the top.

Xerox Exotique #047: Fall Into Dry Lungs – Emerge – 14.04.2019

Fall Into Dry Lungs ist das kollaborative Projekt von Christoph F. und Petar S. welches 2015 in Wien ins Leben gerufen wurde. AnfĂ€nglich waren sie ein reines Harshnoise + Schlagzeug Duo aber ĂŒber die Jahre erweiterten sie Ihren Spielstil um fast alle Facetten des Noise Genres. Ihre Live-Performances sind Großteils charakterisiert von schnellen & abwechslungsreichen versus battle-sets aber nicht unbedingt nur darauf begrenzt. Neben ihrem gemeinsamen Projekt sind beide Mitglieder auch eigenstĂ€ndig in der experimentellen Szene tĂ€tig: Christoph F. fĂŒhrt das Vinyl Label “Dry Lungs Records” (gegrĂŒndet 2010) und arbeitet unter dem alias “Feuersalamander auf Marzipan”, wĂ€hrend Petar S. die treibende Kraft hinter dem Tape+CDr Label “Fall Into Void Recs” (gegrĂŒndet 2011) und dem Solo-Projekt “Bruising Pattern” ist. WĂ€hrend den letzten Jahren wurde
Fall Into Dry Lungs durch Die Mithilfe beim Organisieren und AusfĂŒhren von Shows zu einem aktiven Bestandteil der Untergrund-Szene Wiens. Sie waren eines der ersten Harshnoise Projekte, welches die Möglichkeit hatte in Minsk, Weißrussland aufzutreten, SpielgĂ€ste auf Festivals wie dem ZNFI & Mroz Fest in Slowenien und spielten Shows in Deutschland, der Slowakei und SĂŒditalien.

Sascha Stadlmeier (geb. 1977) veröffentlicht mit seinem Projekt Emerge seit 2003 elektroakustische Musik auf internationalen Labels wie Drone Records, TĂąalem und Frozen Light. Neben seiner kompositorischen Arbeit an der Schnittstelle von Musique concrĂšte, Drone und Noise ist er seit 2016 verstĂ€rkt im Bereich der freien Improvisation aktiv. Neben Live Electronics kommen dabei Gitarre, Bass und mikrofonierte Objekte zum Einsatz. Einen Schwerpunkt seiner Arbeit bilden Kooperationen mit anderen Musiker*innen unterschiedlichster Stilrichtungen, darunter u.a. If,Bwana, Doc Wör Mirran, Toy Bizarre. Seine intensive KonzerttĂ€tigkeit im In- und Ausland fĂŒhrte ihn u.a. nach Frankreich, Belgien, Italien, Spanien, die Schweiz, Österreich, Russland, Polen, Tschechien, die Slowakei, Ungarn, Slowenien, Serbien und Bulgarien. Er prĂ€sentierte seine Musik auf zahlreichen internationalen Festivals wie Avantgarde Festival, lab30, 20 Jahre MGNM, Zasavje Noisefest, Ecological Sound of Varna Fest und Autistic Campaign Fest. Neben seiner TĂ€tigkeit als Komponist und Performer realisierte Stadlmeier diverse Klanginstallationen und eine Radiokomposition fĂŒr das Studio Akustische Kunst des WDR.
Das von ihm betriebene Label attenuation circuit hat sich seit 2010 als wichtige Plattform fĂŒr die internationale experimentelle Musikszene etabliert und veröffentlichte bisher ĂŒber 100 KĂŒnstler aus zahlreichen LĂ€ndern. attenuation circuit veranstaltet auch regelmĂ€ĂŸig Konzerte mit zumeist experimenteller Musik in Augsburg.

14.04.2019, 20:00
Private Event
Donations welcome


Xerox Exotique #046: O Yuki Conjugate – DJ Zipo [aufabwegen] – 03.05.2019

O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) formed in Nottingham, England, in 1982 as part of the post punk DIY scene. At the time of writing they have been in existence for 36 years, periodically going into hibernation to lead ‘normal’ lives away from music making. Currently in their fourth incarnation (centred around original members Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme) OYC have released ten albums and retrospectives that together have earned them literally hundreds of pounds.
Originally inspired by Cabaret Voltaire, Durutti Column and Jon Hassell, OYC established their sound during the 80s with classic albums like Scene in Mirage and Into Dark Water. During the 90s, releases such as Peyote and Equator helped OYC gain recognition in Europe and the US before they disappeared back into hibernation for a decade.
Their music has been described as post-industrial, cold wave, dark ambient, tribal ambient, fourth world and so on; the band themselves currently prefer the term ‘dirty ambient’. They also describe themselves as the ‘missing link between punk and ambient’, reflecting their outsider attitude and DIY ethic.
Today OYC are enjoying a resurgence of interest in their work. UK label Emotional Rescue is reissuing a series of early albums, and the band have played more shows in the last two years than in the previous 20, largely in mainland Europe. A new tour of Germany and Scandinavia is planned for April, as well as dates in Portugal and Greece. Their live set includes backing visuals created by filmmaker Hulme that presents a dream-like narrative closely tied to their music.

DJ Zipo [aufabwegen] plays a set of ambient/field recording/noise collages.
Activities have included DJ sets at European concert tours with Aube, Troum, Marc Behrens and Asmus Tietchens as well as regular nights in Cologne and Muenster and sets at special events & international festivals.
DJ Zipo is Till Kniola, who runs the aufabwegen label and mailorder, curates sound events in Cologne and at festivals and who regularily writes about music and sound. He is the artistic director of Geraeuschwelten Festival in MĂŒnster, Germany that is co-produced with the National Radio WDR 3.
He collaborates closely with German electronic music pioneer Asmus Tietchens, publishing the first comprehensive monography about the composer’s work as well as maintaining the website.
Releases on the aufabwegen label have included works by Asmus Tietchens, Marc Behrens, The New Blockaders, Fear Falls Burning, Rhodri Davies & Gregory BĂŒttner, Francisco Lopez, Beequeen, KK Null & John Wiese, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Column One and more.
Till Kniola runs the Ministry of Detours in Leif Elggren’s and Carl Michael von Hausswolff’s Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV). In his real life he works at the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne as an adviser for pop and film culture.

03.05.2019, doors open at 20:00, starts at 20:30
Admission 7 Euros
INM – Institut fĂŒr Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Entrance is on the right side of the building, then go all the way to the top.