Xerox Collabique #005: SHADEseasons – ATrisk – 28.08.2017

In 2005, the collective SHADEseasons was found in Frankfurt. Since then it has created numerous productions for stage and video. SHADEseasons works with interdisciplinary teams from various art forms and explores the exchange of live performance, scenography, music and video work.

In ATrisk, we proceed a performativ live risk-assessment. We are interested in the perception of danger and safety – rational or irrational – which we explore and present for the first time at the Institut für Neue Medien (INM Frankfurt).

‘Risk is defined as an incident with possible negative impacts. The risk-assessment analyses those and offers possibilities to reduce worse case scenarios.’

Knüppel/Schmitt – elektronische Musik
Silke Wiegand – Performance und Video

28.08.2017, doors open at 20:00, starts at 21:00 sharp
Admission 5€
INM – Institut für Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main


Xerox Exotique #019: SCHWALL – 1000SCHOEN – OCCUPIED HEAD – 18.10.2017

SCHWALL macht sonic no-tech mit vintage armatures & found recordings.

OCCUPIED HEAD ist ein Soloprojekt von Dieter Mauson, geboren 1964 in Leer/ Ostfriesland. Seine Ursprünge liegen im Punk, Post-Punk, der elektronischen Musik der 70er und 80er und im Industrial. 1982 begann er in diversen No-Wave-Bands Bass zu spielen. Seit 1986 aktiv in den Duos NOSTALGIE ÉTERNELLE und später DELTA-SLEEP-INDUCING PEPTIDE sowie OPFER DER HINGABE. 1993 startete er das Ambient-Soloprojekt MAJESTIC TWELVE. 1995 legte er eine Schaffenspause ein und begann erst 2009 wieder Musik zu machen. Nachdem erst die Duos wieder reaktiviert wurden startete er 2011 sein neues Soloprojekt – OCCUPIED HEAD. Musik, die er selbst als unbewusste Musik bezeichnet. Lange Soundcollagen, die auf Rhythmen im eigentlichen Sinne verzichten. Die Musik ist zumeist elektronisch, aber auch akustische Elemente finden sich in ihr (Fieldrecording, Feedbacks und auch Gitarre und Bass kommen zum Einsatz).

1000SCHOEN is Helge S. Moune from Germany. He creates partly atonal-rythmic drone-walls. Darklooped and mhystic. In his show he combinates the sounds of original Bombsplitter from world war 2, played with oscillators. Also mixed with fieldrecordings to a dark ambient experience. As one of the three members of the drone-noiseproject MAEROR TRI, he still turns industrial fieldrecordings and electroakustic elements to a looping soundflow dark and lightfull together.

18.10.2017, doors open at 20:00, starts at 20:30
Admission 8 €
INM – Institut für Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main


Xerox Exotique #018: kybernaughty – Joker Nies – Mogularmusik – 21.10.2017

kybernaughty, the electronica shapeshifter – nowhere to call home and stranger to nothing – presents modular drones and voltage controlled video. Aleatoric patches and sketches, slaves to the sequencer longing to break free. Modular synthesis, forever ostinato, the electric bass guitar – prepare for sonic attack.

Joker Nies lives and works in Cologne, Germany, as a musician, sound-designer, recording-engineer, photographer and technical editor for the German Sound&Recording and Keyboards magazines. Since the 80ies, Nies experiments with all kinds of hard- and software-based sound sources. Electro-sapiens Joker Nies re-resists the circuits into new sound territory when body-contacting the inner workings of his synthesizers.

Mogularmusik are frequent collaborators szmt and LDX#40. This time they pay an aural visit to the wondrous land of the upper crust.

21.10.2017, doors open at 20:00, starts at 20:30
Admission 6.99 €
INM – Institut für Neue Medien, Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt am Main


Xerox Exotique #017: SRVTR – SONOMETER – szmt – 16.08.2017

In 2013, gildas brugaro began to only mix his own tracks under the name SRVTR (servator) to keep on the observatör work. His palette goes to ambient/noise & industrial downbeat to a dark techno. Many aka or collaborations (the messenger, bunker palace, dark engineer…).

SONOMETER is a collaboration project of Gildas Brugaro aka SRVTR (Rennes) and Sascha Stadlmeier aka EMERGE (Augsburg).
It’s based on source sounds by SRVTR reworked by EMERGE first and then reworked by SRVTR again and so on. All further treatments used mostly the method of recycling without adding any new sounds. Apart from their current solo works, which are more in the vein of dark techno (SRVTR) and abstract musique concrète (EMERGE), SONOMETER’s music evokes dark atmospheres consistent of rough ambient noise.

Tanzt, ihr Schweine.

Waggon am Kulturgleis, Mainufer near Isenburger Schloss, 63065 Offenbach

16.08.2017 – Doors open 21:01
Admission: donation


Lineup Change for XE#013

ALL MACHINE unfortunately had to cancel her appearance at XE#013 (26.05.17). EMERGE will join forces with LDX#40 for the project L’MERGE 40 as a replacement.